Newest product CZ-9 equipped with new fishing power control as new drag liner appears.
With the installation of drag (clutch plate lining and slip ring) which is highly evaluated in the command series Z, and the new shape spool which prevents water immersion of drag from the outside, fine adjustment is possible even for long time the bargain and response with the fish. The reel automatically controls the motor even at a high load during the time of big game hit and multi point hooking, and it also automatically adjusts the rotation of the motor and reduces the burden on the battery because it does not wastefully flow the current to realize the long life of the motor. ◎You can arbitrarily set the speed when winding the thread a little bit ◎Click sound brake system (Backlash prevention) ◎Striking toward two (2) points ◎ Assist lever/Power handle/Guard arm/Switch button with click feeling are also equipped as standard ◎The body is metallic sky blue paint with luxury feeling

Target fish (Target fishing)
●Kimmedai (red bream)/Akodai (red rock fish)/Kanpachi (greater amber jack)
●Hiramasa (yellow tail amber jack)/Kihidamaguro (yellow fin tuna)/Moroko (willow gudgeon)
●Ishinagi (Striped jewfish)/Kannagi (matured epinephelus septemfasciatus)

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