Invisible Clear


ASSO is the fluorocarbon specialist with the widest range of the market. His latest, the INVISIBLE CLEAR offers an excellent value for money. The Invisible Clear in 6 key points: Its refractive index is very similar to that of water: The line is invisible. Its surface is waterproof: The resistance of the line remains constant throughout the duration of the fishing. Its density, higher than a nylon, allows the fluorocarbon to flow more quickly and to be less sensitive to current Its composition allows it to withstand a large amplitude of temperature. Excellent resistance to abrasion. Insensitive to U.V.

Abrasion resistant fluorocarbon line which ensures a long product life. It has a refractive index tending to zero the first meters under water which guarantees almost total invisibility and which allows to increase the catches even for beginners. The high specific weight ensures to hold the fishing position. Extremely waterproof, it allows you to keep the strength unaltered in any situation. It has a low elongation and is totally insensitive to temperatures even in prohibitive climatic conditions. Especially suitable for leaders.

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