Guppy Metal Blade


The Fish Inc Guppy is a 10g and 5g metal blade vibe bait which is a rather unusual blade bait with a characteristically large belly which gives it the weight for casting but also helps with the vibration of the bait, and gives it its unique swim action.

The Fish Inc Lures Guppy Metal Blade Vibe Bait has two separate tow points which allows the swim action to be changed to trigger fish bites. The Fish Inc Guppy comes rigged with Owner ST36BC #8 Treble hooks and quality split rings

Available in 3 dazzling bait fish colors.
2 separate tow points
Large belly to assist casting distance
Made from zinc which has a bigger profile for the same weight and is harder thus more durable
Rigged with Owner ST36BC #8 treble hooks.

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