Franky 90


FRANKY 90mm’s swimming range is from the water subsurface to 60cm deep. (To adapt to the changing range of tide flexibly, we set this depth.) By improving the sinking speed, it acquired the ability to reach the target area faster than ever. The actions are same as the 120mm model’s. When the retrieving speed is low, it will play rolling action. When in the middle speed, the action turns into tight wobbling. Finally, in very speedy retrieving, it will show highly appealing wide-wobbling. Satisfactorily refined body shape halts the lure from jumping out from the water even in a wild current. Retrieval differences generate many other attractive actions. Along with its sensitiveness, diverse actions will help you to create the timely moment to tempt the predators into a natural bait.

Franky 90
Length: 90mm Weight: 13g Floating
Recommended hook: #6
Recommended ring: #3

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