This REEL come with LINE 100lb 300meter

The instant maximum hoisting force of 64 kg is enough power for big games. It is the appearance of a new color.
Operating margin power even for Kimmedai (red bream)/Akodai (red rock fish) fishing with an instantaneous maximum winding force of 64 kg. By sub motor installation, subtle drag adjustment and clutch ON/OFF are made possible with switch operation. Drag is effective even if a big game hits in the stop state of the shelf with the shakuri (sink-and-draw motion) function which can be set arbitrarily. Equipped with a fishing force control function that adjusts winding up by an electric reel. Multi plate type drag system which can also finely adjust the drag.

Target fish(Target fishing)
●Kimmedai (red bream)/Akodai (red rock fish) fishing
●Bluish-skinned fish fishing such as Buri (yellow tail)/Hiramasa (yellow tail amber jack) etc.
●Light Oyogasetsuri (bait-fishing) (Kanpachi (greater amber jack) )
●Light deep sea fishing (Kimmedai (red bream)/Kuromutsu (Black Japanese bluefish)/Akamutsu (black-throat seaperch)/Medai (Japanese butter fish)

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