About us

QTR FISH is the first Qatari company specialized in selling fish through an online shopping application.

In 2013, we had an idea to create platforms on social networking platforms called QTRFISH through the Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat and others, in order to provide and exchange information and news in all aspects of fishing and sea activities.

QTR FISH has participated in many events and competitions inside and outside the country and has won many awards and has been honored in many occasions. QTR FISH has now a huge base of followers on all platforms because of the success of the idea and for presenting new ideas in a modern style that was welcomed by participants and followers.

The application was launched as a platform for displaying fishing tools and locating fishing sites. The application also includes the most popular fish restaurants in the country. It offers a variety of advertising spaces for fishing and cruises. The application features a fish market where fish and fresh seafood are sold. The application provides many services including cleaning, cutting, spicing, barbecuing and delivery. The company aims in the near future to introduce new services that meet the needs of its followers.